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What do you mean by "mystery"?
We perform a show where someone uh... meets their demise. You and your guests have to figure out 'who dunnit' is based on clues given throughout the performance.

How is the show interactive ? Do we get to role play?
Yes! Our shows include up to 15+ roles for guests in the audience. We assign roles during a cocktail hour prior to the meal. Don’t worry, you don’t have to memorize anything. One of you may even be the murderer!

Are meals served?
Our shows are designed to be performed during a sit-down meal or buffet. However, this is not required. A wine pairing works also!

Are there other shows besides mysteries?
Yes. We have introduced Melodrama to Buckboard. We also provide character appearances to host game show and support, charity programs and team building events.

Where have you performed?
You may have seen our troupe in parades, public shows, Chamber functions, fundraisers, or in a monthly show in Bend or Redmond. You might have been in one of our corporate show audiences. Check for upcoming appearances and events on the home page or contact us for availability and shows.

What is the cost?

Tickets to each show or private performance are customized for you and your budget. Please call us for a quote at (541) 350-0018.