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By Greg Lutz

It's 1931 and prohibition is in effect (although you wouldn't know it by the flow of illegal booze). Tonight, you're invited (ordered) to attend the birthday bash for the Godfather. The ruling mafia family, the Calzones, currently run the city's bootlegging, gambling, fur, jewels and most importantly, pizza delivery rackets. Tootsie is planning a party that you’ll never forget! Just remember to pay attention, because you may be witness to The Mafioso Murders...
Murder on the Menu MURDER ON THE MENU
by Jennifer Jenkins

Come in and join the world of the celebrity chef - where heat is a way of life and cutthroat is a suggestion. Everybody wants to meet the chef - that gracious genius who has just sent you heaven on a plate. But the smiling host in the dining room may be a snarling pirate in the kitchen. Competition for the Chef de Cuisine position is fierce. Join us for a bite... just remember, today's special feature, Murder on the Menu.
Eat, Drink and be Deadly EAT, DRINK AND BE DEADLY!
By Jennifer Jenkins

Welcome to wine country, where the next sip you take could be your last! Pierre Pinot Noir is proud to unveil his latest masterpiece. But will the wine soar to new heights with graceful character, nectar of the gods? Or might it
sink into pedestrian depths with a soft, forgettable thud? Will Sawyer Sauvignon become Pierre's Master Sommelier, or will his overindulgence in tasting cost him his job? Only you can decide the fate of this long awaited
libation. Now, esteemed oenologists, sit back, uncork, and prepare to ... Eat, Drink and Be Deadly!
Who Shot the Sheriff WHO SHOT THE SHERIFF
By Alan Stuart Austin

The year is 1882. The place, Heartsville, Oregon. The previous evening Mat Slaughter, the town sheriff, a man of doubtful background, was shot in the back by an unknown gunman. He had been a close friend of Kitty Barclay’s, owner of the Golden Day. There’s also talk about Ol Ben’s mine. Did he strike gold? Will he live long enough to spend the money? Will he ever take a bath?!
Lights, Camera, Murder LIGHTS, CAMERA . . . MURDER!
By Jennifer Jenkins

Welcome to your high school reunion! In addition to meeting up with all of your groovy pals. Your most famous classmate; the marvelous movie star, Melinda Malevolent, has promised to attend! Come and be a part of her
Hollywood glory for one fabulous evening. Georgie Gorgeous has big plans for Melinda!
Test yourself or your team to see if you’re as smart as you think you are. Maybe your kids are right, you don’t know anything…

We have trivia based shows and music (singing) based shows. Call for more information as we customize each of these events.
By having a certified team building expert on staff, we can work with corporate and business clients to build confidence while having a bit of fun too.

We can also arrange to have your event videotaped with CD's for the guests to remember you by.